MBTI® WorkShops 2017

These workshops are mainly for MBTI ® Practitioners. After many years of 

experience and use, I would like to be able to share some of the insights 

I have gained over that time.   (Ann O’Sullivan)

How are your Feedback Skills?

I am noticing how many people are reporting (and some even self-assessing) a “work type”, resulting in this becoming their best fit as they see it.

Our on-line profiles are given to participants on their reported type and without good 1-1 feedback, so that can be how it stays.

As I observe this, it feels that good 1-1 feedback skills become more and more important.  So as a practitioner:

  1. am I clear about the 4 dimensions in their extraverted and introverted attitudes?
  2. am I aware of what I am really looking for as I help my client make their choice?
  3. how about appropriate questioning so that our clients can self-assess with

sufficient understanding?

This all alerts me to the importance of the “heart of type” – type

dynamics and much more than just working out the actual dynamics.

LIVING TYPE DYNAMICS, is a 2 day workshop which I am running with all this in the background.

Without a real and lived experience of Type Dynamics we can miss the depth, the heart and the riches of type both for ourselves and those we are with or leading.

We will explore the theory, our experience and the yet “unknown” aspects. After all, type is a hypothesis which needs to be grounded in the reality of our lives.

This workshop will be most useful to practitioners and those who have a good-underpinning of the MBTI.

Dates:     27/28 June 2017    and    19/20 September 2017

10.00 am – 4.30 pm each day

A simple lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Suggested Offering: £300.00 for two days.

Should anyone wish to build in individual time with me either on the day before or

the day after, please let me know.

How about having the courage to look at


(personally and collectively)

and spot some of the gifts that lie hidden within?

The more aware I become, the freer I am to choose ……

At a time in our challenging and sometimes fearful world, it is a good moment, in a safe place, to see how I am being effected by what is going on. The Shadow-side of ourselves is both personal and has collective elements and can be the source of great riches as well as ways in which we can be caught out!

This course includes input, and time to reflect and share our experiences.

Knowledge of the MBTI® is preferable.

Dates:  17/18 October 2017

Simple lunch and refreshments provided.

Suggested Offering:  £300.00

Ann is available for 1-1 work with the MBTI® in whatever way is most useful for the person concerned. Skype is also a possible means.

Small groups and teams can also benefit of her many years of experience, knowledge and expertise. These can be held here in Bristol, or in a place of your choice.

Contact her by e-mail: annemmaus40@gmail.com to make necessary arrangements.