Dear Friends


and onwards we journey to 2021

Six months behind us now and another likely six in front! 

Dear Friends, wherever you are and whatever situation you may be finding yourselves in, please be assured that you are never far from our thoughts and prayers. 

May we take this welcome opportunity to bring you up to date with just what’s happening here at Emmaus House?

We have recently been working with small groups who recognise  so much needs to change in our approach to caring for what Pope Francis calls our “common home  … planet earth.” His Letter Laudato Si’ (Praise be) echoes the song of Saint Francis of Assisi to listen to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor. We meet regularly to share and deliberate together over what practical actions, however small or big, need and can be taken. Enhanced by the joy of having a garden to pray in, we witness to creation coming alive all around us.  

For example, we have composed a Walk of Creation which takes us from examining the Earth (the bug-hotel in the stumpery) to the effects caused by Fire (the log-pile) on to Water, (the  flowing fountain)  and finally to Air (the warm greenhouse) where we consider the damage done by the greenhouse gases.

The walk then invites us to take three further steps on this journey of discovery.

The towering Willow Tree close by illustrates the virtue of looking up as well as being firmly rooted. Next the Labyrinth teaches us the value of taking one attentive step at a time. The end is with the Apple Tree ripe for the harvest and ready for sharing.

(a copy of this can be found on this website in ‘Reflect on the Wonder of Creation’)

For the rest of this year 2020, we continue to be working with small groups – mostly nearby from the local area which helps people avoid having to travel distances.

In 2021 we will re-commence workshops and hopefully be open to welcome you as an individual or in a small group (at the moment 6) and know that you will find Emmaus an assuredly safe place. All Covid-19 regulations are in place in the rooms at the end of the Garden and in the house too. This of course includes the Test and Trace system, hand sanitisers, foggers and other small equipment. 

However to follow the protocol to the full it will be helpful if you book ahead of time.

This is necessary for small groups -unless regulations change. 

Dates are already on the calendar and people are booking …. So don’t miss your place! We are realising how important “self-awareness” is in these troubling times and how fortunate we are in having the means to help us.


Good Friends, our warmest wishes go out to each one of you. Do keep safe and sane! And we look forward to seeing you again in the not too distant future.