Dear Friends

What a year we have experienced and like no other before. The journey has been long and so our ways of coping with it creatively will have been very different.  So as we continue to wait in what can feel like the wilderness, let us look forward for those shoots of new life as Spring approaches and the vaccine reaches as many vulnerable people as possible.

Here at Emmaus, the garden grows at a gentle pace but we continue to make plans for our programme trusting on the basis that 2021 will be a year when we can meet again. Technology has been helpful up to a point, but being able to meet face to face at last will be such a welcome treat. We will of course follow all safety procedures as they come to us, so please keep in touch if you can.

Given that over this past year very little could practically take place, we have decided to repeat some of the day events, realising only too well that our actual lived experience will shed a different light on them.  No doubt, for example, our growing self-awareness increased each day as we endured the enforced period of isolation.

We propose only running Enneagram 1 and 2 Courses in 2021. This will give the chance to build up the clientele for Enneagram 3 and 4. These will run early in 2022.

For those interested in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® based by C.G.Jung’s theory, it could be profitable to see how “the unconscious” has played its part during these recent times both individually and collectively.

Perhaps creativity, wisdom and integrity are the most important gifts in these times when we need to look at things differently: ie. a transformation not just a change.

A challenge surely lies ahead for us and one we can best meet together.


With every good wish

from us at Emmaus House