Welcome to Emmaus House
We are a non-residential spirituality centre offering an integrated approach to the development of each person.

Spirituality within a tranquil environment is our key value, underpinning all others; we extend a warm welcome in a friendly atmosphere, set in Whitchurch Village on the southern side of the city of Bristol.

What we appear to be living through these days is not just an era of change, noted Pope Francis, but rather a change of era. Nothing stays the same for long in this febrile time full of uncertainty, so we can be easily swept off our feet and nearly knocked off balance.

Hence here at Emmaus

in response to the signs of these times

we have chosen to focus in 2019 on the journey inwards. 

Increasing stress, mental illness and acute loneliness are just some of the symptoms we come across and have to cope with on a daily basis. How we grow through these unsettling times depends to a large extent on how we draw on our inner resources welling up within us where the spirit is continually offering new life.

We would like to  offer some hopeful hints of coping in a more fulfilling way that enhances our capabilities and enlarges our hearts.

We are fortunate enough to have a variety of means for addressing this, but for each of us this takes time and space.  Here at Emmaus House we can offer at least the following and hope you will join us on the journey.


Quiet Days

Prayer and Scripture Days

Evenings of Meditation

Short Retreats – centred around Creation

Practical times for reflecting on

and learning for Proclaimers of the Word

Eucharistic Ministers

Presiding skills



Enneagram 1  (basic and foundations)

Enneagram 2  (sub-types and relationships)

Enneagram 3

Enneagram 4


Recapturing the values

The other side of the Personality

Workshops can be arranged for individual groups/teams

Details and dates for the above are in each section of the website.

We are also here to be with individuals and groups on their own journeys.

Other events may be added during the year …..   so keep looking!!

The house is available for individuals and groups who wish to avail themselves of the facilities.