Dear Friends


Dear Friends 

How time flies. Here we are in an unusual sort of“summer”   … experiencing wind, rain and sun and just about all the elements which show how much our planet, our common home needs our care. 

We have been happy hosting the children from a local Primary School exploring and  discovering (on different days) the effect of climate change,

 bio-diversity and our use of water. Lots to explore and so many activities to step our shoes into. WE learned a fair bit as well! 

Each time we are coming to realise how important and urgent the concern of “climate change” is becoming for our younger people.

Our Laudato SI’ group continue to meet sporadically in spite of each one leading full lives in their own different ways.

Our latest delight turned out to be a short day for Carers. As a small group they took advantage of the time to relax, chat or just be still wandering around while the sun lit up the garden. Each one experienced the benefit of reflexology, and together we enjoyed story-telling, mindfulness drawing and taking our turn to walk the Labyrinth.

As the weather was warming up we chanced a spontaneous barbecue.  15 turned up in good time to tuck in and taste the burnt offerings. On leaving, one person remarked on the unexpected event  “good weather, good food and good company!” 

We are aware that with all that is going on, it would be easy for the care of earth – our common home, to go onto the back burner, whilst its importance for future generations is paramount. So we are constantly looking for ways to encourage and keep this to the fore in any way we can.

Quiet Mornings, Reflection Days and various workshops….. groups and individuals searching for space and sometimes simply a listening ear. And of course our workshops contributing to an integrated spirituality. Given our times of rising costs which are hitting people on all sides, we are trying to find ways so that finance does not get in the way of people being able to benefit from valuable means on our journeys.


 May we leave you with what some of 

our perceptive participants notably


We hope that each of you keep well and safe

and know that you are always welcome here

at Emmaus House.