Dear Friends

Here we are on the brink of another New Year!  Where does the time go I wonder?  

Here at Emmaus we are glad to be with groups and individuals making their way back to us again.

At the local level we have been welcoming groups of Primary School Children eager to know more about the environment and plants and the earth.  Learning, playing, discovering, even modelling how an organic farm might look like.

Time too for Carers, in much need of rest and relaxation in heart-felt appreciation for all they have and still are giving.

The elderly who have been “shut up” in their homes for so long have welcomed the chance to meet up, chat and enjoy afternoon tea and cakes together.

Right now our courses too are taking shape. We have enjoyed presenting three Enneagram courses already in the past three months. Team-building with the MBTI® had its moments and then a fascinating time spent with those like us in the early “autumn of our lives” pondering what comes next!

The garden continues to be a refreshing resource offering space for those wanting time for themselves or maybe  simply walking the way of the Labyrinth for awhile 

“in vacant or in pensive mood.”

We realise how much people are wanting time and space to assimilate what has been and still is going on around us, less we lose some of the important aspects that the lock-downs have actually given us. 

Our tiny orchard has just had another apple tree added to it.  So, like the rest of humanity, we go on planting and sowing all the while waiting in joyful hope !

So we look forward to welcoming you again to Emmaus House in 2022.


During your visit please remember:  Hands, Face, Space and Fresh air