The team

The Emmaus House Residential Team

annAnn O’Sullivan brought the MBTI® into the UK in 1980 and has been facilitating the learning of this instrument over the past 30 years, bringing to it a wealth of understanding and practical use. She has worked in many countries and with a wide variety of people. She has developed a number of two-day workshops (some taught with other OPP associates) for those who are qualified practitioners and others who are interested in various areas of the MBTI®: Type Dynamics, Type for Trainers, Managing Change, Team Building and Team Work, Conflict and Stress and Coaching and Leadership, as well as offering basic MBTI® training on a 1:1 basis.

After a number of years teaching the Enneagram personality system in a didactic form, she trained with Helen Palmer and David Daniels in the Oral Tradition of the Enneagram and qualified in 1995. Here too, she has continued to develop a number of workshops and has involved other teachers in presenting them.

Ann brings a creative edge to her work, especially in Liturgy and different forms of worship/prayer and retreats, for she finds it a privilege to be with others on their life’s journey. Whilst often working with groups, she offers individual spiritual accompaniment and coaching.

michaelMichael Healy. I was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Clifton in 1971. After serving several placements in parishes as far away as Salisbury, and Swindon, I returned to Bristol as Parish Priest first in Bedminster, then Bishopston and now in Withywood/Hartcliffe which I serve in conjunction with Chew Magna. Since Liturgy and Scripture were my first love, I enjoyed my seven year seminary training in Rome, studying at the prestigious Pontifical Gregorian University. There, the treasures of the Old and New Testaments were gradually unfolded and steadily revealed. In the open spirit of Vatican II we were encouraged to bring our thinking up to date. And since “the summit and source” of our worship is the Liturgy, we should be expecting to experience this in our everyday living of the Gospel. After all, since the Word of God is “something alive and active” it should have something to say about how we may be living in a more human way. Paolo Frere, the famous Brazilian teacher used to say “learn a little, then pass on a little.” I like to follow his useful advice in my teaching and now, forty years on, I am still trying to practise that path.

I was chair of the Liturgy Department of the diocese for a long period and continue to serve as an advisor to the team.

My interest in the Enneagram was awakened around the early eighties. It was then I sensed the value and significance of being led to discover for oneself the spiritual path best suited to each particular type. In this regard the Enneagram has so much to offer, for through it each of us can discern their appropriate path. Complex it certainly is, and as a result will reward careful inner attention. Through (acute) self-observation one can discover for one-self the suitable steps to follow on the path to integration. In the early nineties I took advantage of the Professional training offered by Helen Palmer and Dr. David Daniels, both proficient experts in this field. I trained with them over a three year period and attained an accredited qualification to teach. Since then, along with my co-presenter Ann O’Sullivan, we have been deepening our understanding and forever finding further ways of integrating new insights. In our hearts and in our heads and especially in our bodies we yearn for that Essential Goodness which once was ours, is ours and lies waiting for us to rekindle afresh. Building on the three centres of intelligence that we all possess, intellectual, emotional and physical, the task of authentic transformation draws us on. We find this fascinating system continues both to challenge and surprise.