Creation Centred Mornings

Our Creation-Centred Mornings this year will be looking at 4 ways


the “positive approach”  where we can befriend creation 

and the gifts we have been given

the “letting go approach” befriending the darkness 

and letting go of what we can leave behind

so that in the  “creative response” we can befriend creativity, where the new, as yet 

un-lived, can be discovered

and through the “transformative way” we can befriend and celebrate the new creation of compassion and justice for all

Each morning there will be input, time to reflect and celebrate.

You will then have what you need to help reflection during the week ahead, thus allowing us to stay in an atmosphere of “retreat”.

Dates:  New dates for 2022 coming soon…

Time:   10.00 am – 12.30 pm

Advance notice is helpful but not necessary.

Any donations are welcome.

We are very aware at this critical time, of our call to care for our common home  …. “Earth”.

Earlier this autumn while having small groups gather here, we composed a 7 step

Garden Walk of Creation around the garden. It follows on from here and we invite you if you have a moment to take the walk, step by step. Please look at the 7 pages below.


While waiting for our being together again, we are united through the gift of Creation here in the garden at Emmaus.