Our Enneagram Journey

We invite you to take an Enneagram Journey with us in 2024

It is so fascinating when we take time to befriend ourselves and look with fresh eyes not so much on our faults or failings, but on the real treasure contained in our true Inner Selves.

The Enneagram helps us to honestly face our own hidden fears and anxieties, and then by encouraging us to glimpse the best part of ourselves, it invites us to see how our true inner self might actually  be realised. For sure it is an intuitive system, for we are such complex human beings, yet at its heart it remains a valuable tool of compassion, containing a wealth of ancient wisdom for us to freely draw on today.

Since all our workshops are interactive, they involves regular inputs alongside time for personal reflection, as well as working together in pairs or being part of a small group. We follow the Narrative Tradition of the Enneagram, letting the story that is unfolding in each of us come to light. As a result we gain so much from each other.

The real benefit of taking the time to study and live with the Enneagram declares David Daniels in his book “The Enneagram, Relationships and Intimacy” (2018) is “so that we may open our hearts to ourselves and to others for a more loving, peaceful and compassionate existence for all”.

Facilitating the workshops are Ann O’Sullivan and Michael Healy, both of whom trained in the Narrative Tradition of the Enneagram with Helen Palmer and the late Dr. David Daniels. After three years of training Michael qualified in Boston in 1994 and Ann in Germany in 1995.

Enneagram 1:

Since the Enneagram is principally an inner journey of self-discovery, we will be putting in the foundation ‘building blocks’ and so coming to see who we really are in a spirit of mutual support and compassion for ourselves and each other.

Together we

Reflect on our three centres of intelligence located in the head, heart and gut, revealing 9 different types.

Explore the core preoccupations of each type and how they habitually focus our attention on a particular, repeating pattern adopted in early life to gain love, acceptance and rewards.

Alongside this comes the driving energy of a “passion” which assures us of security and satisfaction.

Discover the blessings and burdens that each type brings together with that which helps and hinders us psychologically on our spiritual path. Acknowledging and accepting our motivations, and uncovering what has become for all of us a blindspot and keeps us in a repeating pattern.

This workshop is a practical and helpful way for all who are seriously searching their spiritual path in life, and aids us in a positive way to begin integrating “the person we are and the person we are called to become.”

21/22 September (Weekend)

Workshops are non-residential and run from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm each day.

A suggested donation is £165.00 for the two days.  A booking deposit of £65.00 is requested at the time of booking. (Should finances prove a difficulty, please get in touch as arrangements can be made.)

Included in all our workshop is input, reflection in groups, 1-1, body awareness and practical ways ahead on our spiritual pathways.

Refreshments and light lunches are provided on both days.

Enneagram 2:

As we continue our journey of discovery in a spirit of compassion, we will see how our relationships both with ourselves and others are effected and influenced by our personality. (Sub-types).

In Enneagram 1 we reflected on “our fixations in the head” and “our passions of the heart”.

Now we  reflect our instinctual sub-type behaviour actions arising from ”the gut centre”.

“Energy flows where the attention goes” and it expresses itself in three distinct areas of activity.

In this workshop we focus more on our behavioural styles, for here we could if we were more consciously aware re-direct our energy in more profitable ways.

How are we coping in the three areas of self-preservation, 1-1 relationships and the social arena? This will show up the concerns that are most important to us, focusing our energy and taking up much of our time. These concerns can distract us from our main task in life.

(Our spiritual journey).

Together we can explore tips that each type could find, thus enabling us to manage both the direction and distractions that we encounter on our way to a more fulfilling life.

This completes the Introductory Workshop and together they lay the foundation stones for our onward journey in life.

For this reason, we would like to offer a discount to anyone attending Enneagrams 1 and 2 in the same year.

11/12 May
18/19 June
22/23 October

Workshops are non-residential and run from 10.00 a, to 5.00 pm each day.

A suggested donation is £165.00 for the two days. A booking deposit of £65.00 is requested at the time of booking. Should you choose to follow both Enneagrams 1 and 2 within a twelve month period we offer an inclusive price of £300.00, with a deposit of £50.00 for each.

(Should finances prove a difficulty, please get in touch as arrangements can be made).

Included in all our workshops is input, reflection in groups and 1-1, body awareness and practical ways ahead on our spiritual; pathways. Refreshments and light lunches are provided on both days.


Enneagram 3:

As we continue to deepen and develop our journey, we want to look at two important areas that form part of our personality.

Our Defence Mechanisms and how our personality can “mimic” our essential gift.

Defence Mechanisms are the “guardians at the gates” of the personality that keep it in place and persuade us “no need to change”.  Our personality pretends that is all there is, and consequently we focus on what to avoid at all costs least this idealisation of mine might slip. We come to recognise this as a process that is happening automatically and for the most part unconsciously.

We have all had an experience of the gift of our “essential goodness” and naturally want to hold on to it. Unfortunately we try to mimic this by imitating the true thing on a smaller scale and attempt to reproduce it through our personality. It can however help us understand the personality’s positive intent and assist us in releasing from the struggle to get the essential quality back through effort alone.

In his book ‘The Enneagram, Relationships and Intimacy’ D. Daniels writes:

“Love is our essential nature. It’s what we most need to develop and thrive,

and it is already there, for love comes from our very being.”

As with Enneagrams ! And 2, our workshops are non-residential and run from 10.00 am to

5.00 pm each day.

19/20 November 2024

Included is input, handouts, light lunches and refreshments each day.

Suggested donation is £165.00 for the two days with a Non-refundable £65.00 deposit at the time of booking. (Should finances prove a difficult please get in touch).

Bookings can be made through the Booking Form or directly by email. A non-refundable deposit of £65.00 is requested on booking, unless cancellation is made by Emmaus House because of Government regulations.