Our Enneagram Journey 2022



Our Enneagram Journey

It is so fascinating when we take time to befriend ourselves and look with fresh eyes not so much on our faults or failings but on the real treasure of our true Inner Selves.

The Enneagram helps us to honestly face those hidden fears and anxieties that over- take us on a daily basis. But then it also allows us to glimpse the very best part of ourselves and invites us to see how that inner self could be set free.

True it is an intuitive instrument much needed for we are such complicated characters, but at its heart it remains first and foremost a valuable tool of compassion containing a wealth of ancient wisdom to draw on for today.

Since all our workshops are interactive they involve regular inputs alongside time for personal reflection, as well as working together in pairs or being part of a small group. We follow the Narrative Tradition of the Enneagram letting the story that lives and is unfolding in each of us come to light. As a result we learn so much from each other.

Facilitating these workshops are Ann O’Sullivan and Michael Healy, both of whom trained in the Narrative Tradition of the Enneagram with Helen Palmer and the late Dr. David Daniels. After three years of training Michael qualified in Boston in 1993 and Ann in Germany in 1995. Prior to this programme we had each in our own ways been drawn for a long time to the amazingly accurate insights which the Enneagram was regularly offering. We continue to be intrigued by the complexity of the system, knowing that there is so much more waiting to be discovered. Each time a new group arrives we are drawn ever more deeply into appreciating what a wonderful gift this is to introduce and unfold.