Friends of Emmaus

Friends of Emmaus

Several years ago this fund was set up by ‘a group of friends’ who wished to contribute to the work and ministry of the centre, either financially or in other ways of serving the Centre.

When we moved from Clifton to Whitchurch a great deal of attention was needed to improve the layout of the garden. The contributions from Friends have already been a god-send and you can be sure will continue to enhance this project.

Fruit trees and bushes have already been planted in the right place. Raised beds were required for the vegetables because the soil had so much clay clinging to it.

On one side running down the length of the garden we put a healthy horn beam hedge, while on the other beside our boundary fence we erected a row of mixed

hedging for wild-life to feed upon.The lavender luckily seems to be attracting bees.  Homes for these busy little foragers hang in different places while nearby nesting boxes and feeding tables bring down the birds for their daily feed.

For safety reasons a large tree had to be removed but its wood chip provided the mulch for the Labyrinth walk and garden paths. Now a convenient pile of logs make a  ideal stumpery for insects. Indeed one large circular log is standing proud  like a sentry with our name Emmaus House inscribed upon it as you enter the gate.  

Future plans include surrounding the Labyrinth  with a circle of sensory plants and increasing the pond in size.  As you see, we intend to keep this natural gift of space to remain a hallowed place of beauty, peace  and calm.