This way of collaborating in our venture was set up by a group several years ago who wished top contribute to the work and ministry of the centre either financially or in other ways of giving.

Much of what we have been able to do in our garden since arriving in Whitchurch has been largely due to the financial contributions made by the Friends.

Our garden is well established, and the next stage is in hand.

Having exchanged horses (on arrival) for houses on the new build, we have now put in new fencing with mixed hedging for wild life and a new wall has put been put in place (at no small cost to ourselves)! It has allowed more space around the Labyrinth, beside which a garden arbour has been placed for people to sit and reflect. Growth is organic ……  and the lavender hedge is already providing a welcome home for the bees.

During this time of lock-down we have managed to extend the pond with a second level, allowing water to flow from the fountain. And the stumpery at the front gate has become a real “bug hotel”!

We remain ever grateful to our Friends because without you none of this would be possible. If you can come to visit us, you will be more than welcome.