As we journey forward into a change of decade, we are not trying to predict the future, but rather to discern the signs of our times in the light of faith. Amid an avalanche of uncertainty and disruption, no surprise we wonder in which direction we are now heading.

How easy it is to be caught up in the day to day affairs and anxieties that we easily forget that inside each of us there is always more potential awaiting to be discovered. For this to come about in practice, our need to stop, listen and reflect is essential. Recently I heard someone say “oh, but that is such a luxury!” Yet dare we miss out when opportunities occur?

In point of fact we are finding more and more people ‘giving themselves permission’ and coming here to take advantage of those quiet moments. They feel the benefits that refresh ‘their drooping spirits’ and provide the enviable time for peace and stillness. Our spacious garden likewise adds a perspective that many people may not often experience.

In spite of exchanging the sights of Horseworld when we arrived for houses of a new build with families moving in, the atmosphere has not appreciably altered.  It has actually allowed us to even extend our boundary a little. A support wall and wooden fencing has meant that we have been able to plant mixed hedging for wild life. There is now an arbour for people to sit and appreciate the surprises in an ever blossoming garden.The Labyrinth which is a growing attraction has been incorporated into a sensory garden and with the new lavender hedge is, we hope, increasing our care of creation. This is the aspect we wish to develop as we move forward. The gift of a telescope is allowing us to consider how religion and science can come together and recognise the great Mystery of the Creator of the Universe which is constantly unfolding as well as ever expanding.

In addition to our work within the Diocese of Clifton and in particular the Deanery of South Bristol, the numbers for our spiritual/human development courses and retreats are growing, as is the spiritual accompaniment with individuals. The short retreat mornings in August around the themes of Creation have had an heartening response. Clearly this suggests our Common Home is another aspect we will be aiming to build on.

So, as we wish each of you a very happy New Year in 2020, we also want you to know how welcome are all visitors, former friends and new ones as well. We promise you will find a home and a place of tranquility in our present challenging times. Why not come and see for yourself?

As a sample of our offering:

Simple retreat mornings to reflect on Creation

Practical and reflection mornings for Liturgical Ministers

Seasonal Scripture and Days

Quiet Days

Walking the Labyrinth 

Human/spiritual development workshops with the Enneagram and the MBTI®

Dates and details for the above can be found on Events and under separate headings.

 please note that we are non-residential.