Dear Friends 

After “three months” of isolation we feel we want to make contact with you all and say you are not forgotten! Wherever you are and whatever situation you may be finding yourselves in, please be assured that we remember you all in our thoughts and prayers.

In these very difficult days of just not knowing how things are going to turn out, here at Emmaus we are taking the time to reflect and realise what a different world we will be entering back into ….. no, there is no way we can return “to normal” as we are being told, not even the “new normal” whatever that is! Besides what was normal about the frantic, frenetic round of activity, strain and stress, mental health issues mounting up at an alarming rate among other worrying things. Yet somehow we are seeing daily signs of just how this global pandemic is bringing so much good out of people that we want to applaud, for we are building anew what as humans we all need, a supportive and caring community. May this not be lost.

Along with ample time to reflect, our garden is benefitting in leaps and bounds from this prolonged isolation. Bird song is being heard now at a louder pitch, the sky is even clearer and bees and butterflies are slowly emerging. While the mixed hedging for wild-life all along the new boundary comes into flower, we are in the midst of embarking on an effort of enlarging the pond to attract the toads. All the while the sun has been shining, which made our Easter and on-going Celebrations so much more bearable. We can come with joy in our hearts to believe things can change.

The weeks (and maybe the months?) will pass. The waiting will have been worthwhile if we are open and wise enough to have used the time well to re-imagine a better future. That will be the day when we will be open again and longing to welcome you back to Emmaus House. So keep an eye out for changes in dates, tentative of course for the time being. We will of course be guided by all the directives in the best interest of all concerned.

Our good wishes go out to each one of you. Do keep safe and sane!