More than ever today people are reporting (and some even self-assessing) a “work type”, resulting in this becoming their best fit as they see it. Could this be a cause of stress?

Our on-line profiles are given to participants on their reported type and without good 1-1 feedback this can be how it stays. People can be left with 4 letters and little understanding of whole type.

“The whole is greater than the parts”

As I observe this, it feels that good 1-1 feedback skills become more and more important.

As a practitioner:

1.  am I clear about the 4 dimensions in their extraverted and introvert attitudes?

2.  am I aware of what I am really looking for?

3.  how about appropriate questioning so that our clients can self-assess with sufficient understanding?

This all alerts me to the importance of the “heart of type” – type dynamics which is so much more than just working out the mechanics. Can I describe/speak whole type for each of the 16?


is a 1 day workshop which I am running with all this in the background.


16th March OR 5th October

Each course is NON-Residential and here at Emmaus House.  They can be taken as individual days or as a whole five day course.

To book please either email me at  or please use our course booking form

Each day will cost £125.00 to include the course, handouts, light lunch and refreshments. The day runs from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm.

Should you choose to follow the five days, the inclusive cost will be £500.00.

A non-refundable, non-transferable cost of £50.00 per course is required on booking.

Balance of payment is due two weeks prior to the course.

Payment can be made by cheque to Emmaus House or directly on-line into:

Nat West  Sort Code: 52-10-03  a/c no. 006-03023  Congregation of La Retraite Trustees – Emmaus House Whitchurch.