MBTI® Renewing


CONTINUING TO RE-VISIT THE ORIGINAL VALUES of the MYERS-BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR® as we live in these times of change/transformation

During 2021 I have had the privilege of introducing people to the MBTI® again and realise that what I wrote (see below) is as relevant today, building on lived experience during the pandemic,

“As I reflect on the world around us and realise how important self-awareness is for us individually and together, it seems that the values of the MBTI® as first envisioned are coming full circle. “

Strange that at the beginning of such a year … 2020 … Kathy Myers passed away. I still want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the person she was and the friend she became. Besides her visits to Emmaus House when we were in Clifton, I had the privilege of staying with her in Philadelphia just before we moved here to Whitchurch. Ten days I will never forget as we talked, shared and I came to know at first hand the founding times of the instrument. 

I feel now is the moment to recapture the real depth, with a Jungian understanding, of what the MBTI® is really about.  What could be more relevant than to realise what has been and is happening to us, both at the level of the individual and the collective unconscious?

These TWO DAYS in May and then repeated in October can be taken as separate days and are probably more suited to those who have an understanding of the Indicator.

Going Deeper into the MBTI® with Dynamics

Tuesday May 3rd or Tuesday 18th October 2022

Taking a look at the Other Side of Ourselves: our Shadow

Wednesday May 4th or Wednesday 19th October 2022 

Each day runs from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm and can be taken separately or together 

Suggested donation: £125.00 per day or £225.00 if taken together (May or October)

This covers the course, handouts, light lunch and refreshments.

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