More than ever today people are reporting (and some even self-assessing) a “work type”, resulting in this becoming their best fit as they see it. Could this be a cause of stress?

Our on-line profiles are given to participants on their reported type and without good 1-1 feedback this can be how it stays. People can be left with 4 letters and little understanding of whole type.

“The whole is greater than the parts”

As I observe this, it feels that good 1-1 feedback skills become more and more important.

As a practitioner:

1.  am I clear about the 4 dimensions in their extraverted and introvert attitudes?

2.  am I aware of what I am really looking for?

3.  how about appropriate questioning so that our clients can self-assess with sufficient understanding?

This all alerts me to the importance of the “heart of type” – type dynamics which is so much more than just working out the mechanics. Can I describe/speak whole type for each of the 16?


is a 1 day workshop which I am running with all this in the background.


16th March OR 16th November

Each day will cost £125.00 to include the course, handouts, light lunch and refreshments. The day runs from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm.

You can book here

Should you choose to follow the five days, the inclusive cost will be £500.00.

A non-refundable, non-transferable cost of £50.00 per course is required on booking.

Balance of payment is due two weeks prior to the course.

Payment can be made by cheque to Emmaus House or directly on-line into:

Nat West  Sort Code: 52-10-03  a/c no. 006-03023 

Congregation of La Retraite Trustees – Emmaus House Whitchurch.