Are we afraid of the nuggets of gold/potential that lie hidden within us?

Or don’t have the time?

Or have forgotten they are even there?

There is so much to tap within us that can be life-giving!

“I am very interested in Carl Gustav Jung (on whose theory the MBTI is based).  His interest was in enabling people to acknowledge the ‘shadow’ side of the personality and therefore to move along the path of individuation – or in my words ‘to become the person God has created me to become’. (Ann O’Sullivan)

This is the journey for the ‘second half of life’.  I believe that the spiritual journey involves meeting and coming to terms with my ‘shadow’ (my ‘demons’, my ‘unacceptables’).  When this doesn’t happen, my ‘shadow’ is projected on to another person, often negatively.  So often, what I don’t like in others is simply an unacceptable and unacknowledged part of myself.

We have a personal and collective ‘shadow’.  The latter is ‘caught’ when I react or act with the group and lose my personal integrity. There is much untapped potential in me.  Our values change and the ‘second half of life’ is not a downhill run, but the blossoming and flowering of the first half.”

The completion of the basic MBTI is not necessary for this workshop, but could be useful and will be referred to.  It is particularly helpful for those who, after the basic MBTI, ask the question “and what next?” and who have found the MBTI helpful on their journey of development.  


17th March OR 17th November

Each day will cost £125.00 to include the course, handouts, light lunch and refreshments. The day runs from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm.

You can book here

Should you choose to follow the five days, the inclusive cost will be £500.00.

A non-refundable, non-transferable cost of £50.00 per course is required on booking.

Balance of payment is due two weeks prior to the course.

Payment can be made by cheque to Emmaus House or directly on-line into:

Nat West  Sort Code: 52-10-03  a/c no. 006-03023 

Congregation of La Retraite Trustees – Emmaus House Whitchurch.