Scripture and Prayer Days at Emmaus House in 2022



These days allow us to take time for input from the Scriptures, individual reflection and experience, and celebration of the Eucharist.

We begin with coffee at 10.30 am followed by a time of prayer.

Scripture input is followed by space for personal reflection.

We celebrate the Liturgy of the Word before lunch.

Following lunch we have time for creative activity and conclude our day with the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

Please bring lunch, drinks will be provided.

  5th March 2022             “A long day’s journey into Light”

28th May 2022                “His Majesty awaits us and the Spirit is descending.”

24th September 2022     “Gather in the Harvest”

26th November 2022       “He will come again in glory”



A donation to the on-going mission of Emmaus House is welcome.

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